£900 in daily penalties

Categories: Money

If you are among the half a million people who still haven’t sent their 2010/11 tax returns to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), you will receive an additional penalty letter…

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Childs Play

Categories: Money, Tax

In all of the furore about the ‘granny tax’ and offshore companies owning property, the ‘reform’ of Child Benefit seems to have sneaked under the radar. The government initially raised…

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Locums Under Attack

Categories: Employment & skills

Historically locums have been regarded as self employed by most people in the medical, dental, ophthalmic and veterinary profession and in general accountants have gone along with this and by…

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VAT On Hairdressers Chairs Rental

Categories: VAT

Along with other VAT changes like the much published “pasty tax” the Chancellor made a change or, as he put it, “removed any opportunity for confusion” to make the provision…

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How To Get 50% Investors Tax Relief

Categories: Tax

Investors to Get 50% Tax Relief from Start-Ups As 6th April draws closer, and the government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme comes into effect, there are plenty of would-be investors questioning…

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