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Chandlers CA get great satisfaction knowing we have provided the best service to our clients and thank them for their testimonials.

– Richard

"Richard is somebody I can talk to and trust. He ticks all the boxes for me."

− Antonio, Dentist

"Richard Shaul and Chandlers have sorted through matters for me with skill, efficiency and, when requested, against urgent deadlines."

− Bill Wright

"Richard has been my accountant for almost 15 years. He has always delivered a timely, pragmatic and value-for-money service."

− Nick Bennett

"You can be sure he will keep you on track with those polite deadline reminders which have been priceless."

"Thank you Richard for all your support over the last 6 years."

"They always make themselves available – offering their very perceptive and professional advice."

− Arnoud van Leeuwen

"Working with Richard has really streamlined our accounting process and they have been faster and more efficient and a joy to work with."

− Karen Morris

Karen Morris, CEO of ‘BrandMeetsBrand’, talks about her experience as a Chandlers client

“Hello, my name is Karen Morris and the business is called Brand meets Brand and we are a sponsorship agency.

We used to have a bookkeeper and an accountancy firm that did our year end, so, just working with Richard has really streamlined our accounting process and they have been faster and more efficient and a joy to work with. Richard has been great in terms of monthly meetings, keeping us on budget and making me aware of cash flow and where we are in terms of our year’s target, so I have found him to be a great support for the business. I think you get more than just a good, very good accountancy service, you get lots of sort of management consultant’s advice as well on contracts and other things to think about, and yes, they have saved us an overhead that we used to have with our in-house bookkeeper, so yeah, it’s been a great experience all round!”

Richard Holmes, Managing Director of Holmes Associates, talks about his experience as a Chandlers client.

“My name is Andrew Holmes, I am the MD of Holmes Associates and two subsidiary companies. We develop and produce film and television productions.

Chandlers have been very much our invisible partners for the last twenty years and they have steered us through growth and periods of recession with great expertise and we have very much appreciated that. In point of fact, I was looking it up the other day and we have had a turnover of £120 million pounds and not a single problem on the accounting front I am glad to say.

Richard has always been very flexible and original in his thinking and for example, he helped us when we started two high tech companies in areas of business that we were unfamiliar with, and with enormous success, and for that we are extremely grateful.

I think Richard brings things to accountancy that you don’t very often get; he’s very widely read, he’s interested in many areas of life, and his skills in life terms make him an extremely accessible man and a joy to work with. He has been our personal tax accountant for the past twenty years and through that time his advice has been an enormous value. If you are not happy with your accountant or you don’t have an accountant, I very strongly recommend that you talk to Richard Shaul and Chandlers. We have found them to be very flexible, very accessible and they explain things well.”

Susan Caplan, Managing Director of Susan Caplan Vintage Jewellery, talks about her experience as a Chandlers client.

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