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In recent years HMRC has got tough on non-compliance
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In recent years HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has got tough on non-compliance. Nowadays it carries out random enquiries. We feel it our responsibility to inform you of this and to reduce the risk. There are often areas of disagreement that need to be argued properly and, where necessary, carefully negotiated. The cost of dealing with this can be high.

More than a financial cost

And it’s not only the financial costs of investigation you need to consider. The fallout of a lengthy investigation by the Revenue can impact on your personal life. Knowing you have an expert to call on at no cost is very reassuring.

This is why our Tax Investigation Service (also called Fee Protection Insurance or FPI) proves popular with our clients.

At Chandlers we offer FPI to all our clients, both business and non-business.

Insurance cover is offered up to £50,000 of professional fees for each claim with a lower limit applying to some elements. The main areas covered are:

  • HMRC full enquiries.
  • HMRC aspect enquiries.
  • VAT disputes.
  • PAYE disputes.
  • National Insurance disputes.

The main exclusions are:

  • Enquiries or disputes that commenced prior to your nomination for inclusion under this service.
  • Enquiries following the late submission of tax returns.
  • Where prime records are not kept.
  • Where fraudulent evasion of tax is involved.

At Chandlers we always act on your behalf. You can be sure that if you do have to undergo investigation, you’ll deal with a familiar face.

Talk to us about FPI and discover how it could benefit you.

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"I'm a foreign national with a fairly complicated freelance and investment income situation. Richard Shaul and Chandlers have been my accountants for five years, and have sorted through matters for me with skill, efficiency and, when requested, against urgent deadlines. A fine job, consistently. I heartily recommend them!"

− Bill Wright

"Richard has been my accountant for almost 15 years. He has always delivered a timely, pragmatic and value-for-money service throughout that time. He is able to demystify the complexities of accounting – and tax in particular - and articulate sane and clear advice in layman's terms. I would recommend Richard and his firm without reservation."

− Nick Bennett

"I have worked with Chandlers for the last 8 years and have never looked back. Perhaps most importantly, they always make themselves available – offering their very perceptive and professional advice. As a small to medium sized FCA regulated firm I have the upmost confidence leaving our outsourced accounting and payroll functions in Chandler's unquestionably capable guardianship."

− Arnoud van Leeuwen

"Richard Shaul has been my accountant for the last 5 years. He's quick and meticulous, and the service he provides is very good value for money. He has a high level of technical knowledge and he's somebody I can talk to and trust. He ticks all the boxes for me."

− Antonio (Dentist)

"Approachable, supportive and dejargonized accountancy support - I'd recommend him to anyone. Thank you Richard for all your support over the last 6 years."

"Sound, sensible advice plus when your work life is really hectic, you can be sure he will keep you on track with those polite deadline reminders which have been priceless. I've recommended Richard to friends and colleagues who have always been more than happy with the guidance he had provided. Couldn't do without him!"

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In recent years HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has got tough on non-compliance, regularly carrying out random enquiries.
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